What is rubber stopper for vacuum blood collection container?

Blood Collection Tube Container

What is vacuum blood collection specimen container?

Vacuum blood collection container is a device used for drawing and collecting blood from a vein by venipuncture, usually for medical or laboratory test and analysis.

Main components for vacuum blood collection tube include: transparent or plastic tube, plastic cap,  rubber stopper and specific additives for different testing purpose. Among all components, stopper is the only part made from rubber by vulcanization machine.

About Rubber Stopper for Blood Collection Vacutainer

It’s compression moulded rubber products from vulcanization machine. It’s made of bromobutyl rubber material which has fantastic self-sealing performance and chemical resistance performance.

Rubber stopper creates a vacuum space inside container to prevent liquids or gases from escaping from vacuum tube, meanwhile preventing contaminants from entering vacutainer which may cause pollution to specimen and affecting testing results.

vacutainer stopper

How to choose a suitable rubber stopper for blood collection tube?

A suitable rubber stopper(see product details) should meet certain standards of physical performance, chemical performance and biological performance.

Physical Performance

  • Stopper Size: upper diameter and lower diameter should be within certian tolerance, thickness of stopper should be designed within certain range.
  • Appearance: stopper should have flat surface and consistent color.
  • Needle Puncture and Pulling Force: within certain range.
  • Puncture Crumbs: within certain range.

Chemical Performance

  • The performance of ultraviolet absorption, oxidiable substances, conductivity, PH change rate and heavy metal content should meet certain ISO standard.

Biological Performance

  • Hemolysis rate should be up to ISO standard.

For more details of butyl rubber stopper plug for blood collection vacutainer, please send inquiry via info@xindongrubber.com

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