What is rubber sleeve sheath for blood collection needle?

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What is a venous blood collection needle?

Venous blood collection needle, also called vacutainer needle, is a device used for drawing and collecting blood from a vein by veinpuncture.

Vacutainer needle is double-ended: the inner end is equipped with rubber sleeve(see product details) to prevent blood leaking out from needle when needle is pulled out from one blood collection container to another vacutainer, meanwhile to protect blood collection operator from getting hurt by accidental needle stick; the outer end is used to be inserted into vein to draw blood.

types of blood collection needle

Types of blood collection needle

  • needle with pre-attached plastic holder
  • pen-type needle
  • butterfly-type needle
  • safety-type needle

needle sleeve

About Rubber Sleeve for Vacutainer Needle

Needle sleeve or needle cover(see product details), usually grey in color, sometimes in light yellow with transparency, is essential part of blood collection needle. It’s compression moulded products by vulanization machine. Material of rubber to manufacture rubber sleeve is natural rubber or isoprene rubber (also called latex free rubber), which has good self-sealing performance, chemical resistance performance and elasticity performance.

How to choose a suitable rubber sleeve for blood collection needle?

Size is the basis of suitability of rubber sleeve for vacutainer needle. Additionally, a good rubber sleeve should meet quality standard of related physical performance.

  • The material of needle sleeve should be natural rubber or isoprene rubber as per request.
  • The color of same lot number should be same generally.
  • The surface of rubber sleeve should be smooth, flat and well-proportioned.
  • Inside part of rubber sleeve should be clean and dry.
  • Any two sides rubber sleeve should not stick to each other under certain test conditions.
  • There should be no white particals or other particals abstracted under certain test conditions.
  • Range of stretch length change should be within certain range.
  • Elasticity should not be too large or too small.
  • Rubber sleeve should have good self-sealing performance.

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