What is rubber injection site port for infusion set?

Disposable infusion transfusion set is a medical appratus used to deliver medication to patients.

A common infusion set usually include: hypodermic needle, luer slip or luer lock connector, injection site port, iv tubing, roller clamp(flow regulator) and drip chamber.

What is injection site port for iv infusion set?

Injection site port is an essential part of iv set to allow immediate or intermittent or extra medication to patients urgently.

There are several types of iv injection site port: rubber tube, rubber bulb, y site or heparin cap, needle free connector, all include rubber parts.


Latex Tube for Infusion Set

1. Rubber Tube

  • Shape: straight type
  • Material: natural latex rubber or isoprene ruber or silicone rubber
  • Color: yellow or light yellow
  • Popular in: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh


Infusion Set with Rubber Flash Bulb

2. Rubber Flash Bulb

  • Shape: bulb type
  • Material: natural latex rubber, isoprene rubber
  • Color: yellow, light yellow
  • Assembly Method: by manual, by machine
  • Popular in: most conutries
  • Performance: good self-sealing performance to allow puncture for extra medication, good elasticity to connect with iv tubing and luer connector(luer slip or luer lock)


Infusion Set with Y site injection port

3. Rubber Injection Stopper

  • Shape: round and flat
  • Application: y site, heparin cap, blood tubing set injection port
  • Material: natural latex rubber, isoprene rubber(most common type), silicone rubber
  • Performance: better sealing performance to allow puncture under higher pressure without any leakage.


Infusion Set with Needle Free Connector

4. Silicone Valve Stopper

  • Shape: customized
  • Application: for needle free connector
  • Material: silicone rubber
  • Color: blue, transparent
  • Performance: allow intermittent medication without puncture, meanwhile ensuring sealing performance


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