What is injection site of infusion transfusion set?

Injection site is part of disposable infusion serum set which works for adding intermittent medication or extra medicine to patients. Several types of injection site port can be found in the market: straight rubber tube, rubber flashbulb, Y injection port, needle free connector and injection port for blood tubing set.

injection site types

Details of difference between various injection sites are as follows:

straight tube

Rubber Tube (Straight Shape)

This type of iv injection site is cheapest among all types of injection port. It’s vulcanized product by compression mould, made from latex or latex free rubber material, 40mm~50mm in length, 2.8mm-2.9mm in inner diameter.



rubber bulb injection site

Rubber Bulb (flashbulb shape)

This is the most common type of iv injection site. It’s compression moulded by vulcanization machine, made from latex or latex free (polyisoprene) rubber material, with good elasticity and self-sealing performance, popular in global market.

It’s 45mm-46mm in length, 2.8mm-2.9mm in inner diameter. Besides, there are two types of rubber bulb injection site, one is assembled by machine, the other one is assembled manually, the former type will have special design to help rubber bulb move smoothly on assembly machine.



y site

Y Injection Site

It’s injection site made from ABS and polyisoprene rubbr material (most cases isoprene rubber, some cases latex rubber). ABS part of y injection site is designed to suit iv tubing certain in outer diameter. In general, y injection site will be in little higher price than rubber bulb injection site.



needle free injection site

Needle Free Connector (Needleless Connector)

It’s a substitute for y injection site to avoid needlestick injuries for nurese and patients, composed by ABS material and silicone rubber stopper inside. Inside silicone rubber stopper can be blue or transparent in color and different shapes as per customer’s request.



blood tubing set injection port

Injection Port for Blood Tubing Set

Rubber injection stopper combined with plastic finger guard together serves as injection port for hemodialysis set. Rubber injection stopper can be isoprene rubber or silicone ruber. Finger guard can be color-coded for easier identification, and works for reducing the risk of accidental needle stick injuries.

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