What are components of disposable syringe?

Disposable syringe is  an appratus commonly used in human and veterinery medical industry. It can be used for injecting medicine or fluids to human or animal body, can be used for extracting medicine from pharmaceutical bottle.

What are accessories of disposable syringe?

syringe parts

3-piece (3-part) syringe usually includes barrel, plunger, syringe stopper(also called syringe gasket, syringe seal, syringe piston or rubber plunger head), hypodermic needle.

Made by injection moulding machine. Include nozzle, zero line, graduation lines, nominal capacity, barrel flanges(also called finger grips).

Made by injection moulding machine. Include plunger head, plunger body, push button.

Syringe Plunger Piston
Made by vulcanization machine or injection moulding machine, from TPE or PVC or Rubber Material. Rubber material usually includes latex rubber, isoprene rubber, silicone rubber and butyl rubber. Rubber type will be better in sealing performance compared with other material. Syringe piston is most important sealing part of a syringe, it also works for sliding performance.

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