What are components of disposable infusion set?

Disposable infusion set referes to a set used to infuse drugs and fluids to patients.

What are iv set accessories?

iv set parts

A common disposable infusion set usually includes: drip chamber, iv tubing, injection site, luer lock or luer slip connector, hypodermic needle.

Drip Chamber
Most common type is 48mm in length with filter, at a 20drops/ml flow rate. Other types like 54mm in length 20drops/ml, or 60drops/ml( usually for burette set), without filter.

IV Tubing
150cm or 180cm in length, made from medical grade soft PVC, ID 3.0mm, OD 4.0mm. Used to let medicine to flow into human body.

Injection Site
Rubber bulb or Y type injection site. For rubber bulb connector, material can be latex ruber or latex free rubber(isoprene rubber). For Y type injection site, usually includes plastic transparent part(ABS) and rubber stopper (latex or latex free) disc pad. This part is for intermittent medication to patients.

Luer Connector
Luer slip or luer lock(ABS), connects injection site and needle.

Hypodermic(means under skin) needle, including needle hub, needle and bevel, commonly used to inject into human body and extract fluids from body or bottle.

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