What are components for blood collection tube?

Blood Collection Vacutainer Tube is a sterile container made by glass or plastic material combined with butyl rubber stopper to create a vacuum space in tube. In the tube, there will be special additives to help stablize and perserve performance of speciman for analyzing test. Plastic cap are designed in different colors, some rubber stopper will do as well, different colors show differnt additives in the tube as a reminder.

What are accessories of venous vacuum blood collection speiman container?

Blood Collection Tube Parts Components

Vacuum blood collection container usually includes plastic cap, rubber stopper and PET or Glass Tube.

Plastic Cap
Made by injection moulding machine by PVC material with different colors showing different application.

Rubber Stopper
Made by butyl rubber material, work as sealing part to create vacuum space combined with plastic cap, and puncture part when operating blood collection.

Test Tube
Made by PET or Glass without any color(transparent). With different additives added into tube and with different volumes, vacuum tube can be used to store and analyze for different use.

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