Butterfly Type Blood Collection Needle

What is rubber sleeve sheath for blood collection needle?

Needle sleeve or needle cover, usually grey in color, sometimes in light yellow with transparency, is essential part of ...
Blood Collection Tube

What is rubber stopper for vacuum blood collection container?

It's compression moulded rubber products from vulcanization machine and made from bromobutyl rubber material.
Burette Image

What are Components of Burette Measured Volume Set?

A volumetric burette set is mainly used for infusion of children to avoid potential risk of common infusion set.
luer slip syringe

What is syringe plunger stopper piston?

A syringe is a device designed for medical injection, irrigation or feeding, commonly used in medical disposable area.
Infusion set using latex bulb

What is rubber injection site port for infusion set?

Injection site port is an essential part of iv set to allow immediate or intermittent or extra medication to patients urgently.
Rubber Gasket Piston for Hypodermic Syringe

What are different materials of syringe plunger piston?

Syringe plunger piston is usually made from rubber material or medical grade PVC or TPE material...
injection site types

What is injection site of infusion transfusion set?

Injection site is part of disposable infusion serum set which works for adding intermittent medication...
2-part syringe VS 3-part syringe

2-pc Syringe VS 3-pc Syringe

There are two types of hypodermic syringe, 2-part syringe and 3-part syringe. But what's the difference between...
Blood Collection Tube Parts Components

What are components for blood collection tube?

Vacuum blood collection container usually includes plastic cap, rubber stopper and PET or Glass Tube.
syringe parts

What are components of disposable syringe?

3-piece (3-part) syringe usually includes barrel, plunger, syringe stopper, hypodermic needle. Details...
iv set parts

What are components of disposable infusion set?

A common disposable infusion set usually includes: drip chamber, iv tubing, injection site, luer lock or luer slip connector, hypodermic needle.